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College Introduction

The College of Health Technology and Management was established on August 1st 2015 since the school has been renamed as Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology. The college aims to nurture vocational undergraduate students for becoming interdisciplinary, managerial and administrative personnel equipped with ethical and earnest traits and global visions. To achieve educational objectives, cultivating students with specialized skills and multidisciplinary knowledge as well, the college provides students with academic systems and recourses for professional learning, practical training, and international student exchange programs. Importantly, becoming π-shaped professionals, the students can demonstrate excellent morality emphasized by enterprises and institutions through Chi-Tzu humanistic education.


To achieve expected perspectives, the college proposes following executive policies,

  • Generalize Chi Tzu humanistic education.
  • Actuate and operate the interdisciplinary programs and learning families.
  • Implement the counseling program of professional certification.
  • Reinforce international exchange and overseas internship programs.
  • Create research platforms for industry-college collaboration projects.
  • Encourage diversified and specialized curriculum design and teacher practical ability.


       The college includes Health Administration and Management Department, Information Technology and Management Department, and Marketing and Distribution Management Department. In the efforts of the teachers and students, every department got the honor of the first level through the evaluation of Ministry of Education Taiwan.


1. Health Administration and Management Department

   Like all businesses, the health care-related businesses need excellent management and leadership to be successful. As a Health Care Administrator, you may manage a single department or an entire health care facility. To facilitate clinical professional services and make effective decisions, health care administrators must understand basic business principles, and demonstrate strong leadership.

   Entry-level professionals may be responsible for establishing and implementing the policies and objectives of a specific clinical area or department within a facility. They may be required to train and evaluate personnel, develop reports and budgets, and coordinate activities with other managers. With experience and an advanced degree, health care administrators may move into executive management positions in which they are responsible for facilities and equipment valued in the millions of dollars, as well as hundreds of employees.


2. Information Technology and Management Department

   The aim of the Department of Information Technology and Management is to cultivate the development of highly skilled professionals who are ethical, innovative, and practical-minded. The curriculum is designed to provide students with both theoretical and practical expertise.

   To meet the industry demand, we focus on “3D virtual reality multimedia”, “iCloud network applications”, “information security”, “smart mobile applications”, and “E-Business”. We also encourage our students to pursue a second specialty in information technology, and aid them in the development of their professional ethics and teamwork skills with the support of other Tzu Chi affiliates. This combination of skills and training make our students highly competitive in the current job market.


3. Marketing and Distribution Management Department

   Our goal is to cultivate and nourish both humane and professional talents in Marketing and Distribution Management. This program is designed to integrate humane essences with the emphasis on sincerity, integrity, faith and honesty.


We offer a four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. A student must complete a minimum of 128 credit units, of which 70 are obligatory. In addition to coursework in various areas of marketing, the students will be acquainted with basic business concepts and practices. The first-year courses include general coursework in social and human sciences. Guidance courses, such as Marketing Management, Distribution Management, Fundamentals of Accounting, and Business Law, are introduced during the second year of study. In the third and fourth years of study, we offer specialized courses, including Consumer Behavior, Market Survey, Customer Relationship Management, Retail-Service Management, Supply Chain Management, and Case Study.